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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More news on the tour pass we won as 2nd place in the Road to Slane Castle contest

 I am sorry but this really sucks!!! I received an email with more info on the KOL tour pass we won! Sasha from pop2life, who is handling the contest, told me she talked to MTV & RCA and they said I had to send in a list of the shows I planned on attending in advance and if I miss 3 of those shows the pass will be voided!
   It is really hard to plan ahead and put shows down that you plan on going to when you don't have the gas money to get to them!
 I don't care about having a hotel cause we will sleep in our car and bring food or eat off the dollar menu at McDonalds but we do need gas to get there!
  The tickets are not transferable or I would give them away and at least feel good knowing someone was able to enjoy the shows!

 I know there are people who have it a lot worse off than us and that's why I understand people not helping us out!

Due to the economy and the rich elite playing with the stock market and not caring if they lose anything because they know that they are "too big to fail"

The list below is what I lost!