We love Kings of Leon

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Man and wife lose 30 show tour pass to Kings of Leon through MTV, due to canceled tour

If you don't know about the contest we won there is more info here kolcontest we were the 2nd place winners which was the tour pass to all 30 of kol's shows in the US for the summer of 2011 now canceled!

Here is our newest video with footage of  the 2 seconds we were in the Kings of Leon video 'Back Down South' Hope you enjoy our little funny video!

I couldn't wait any longer so I sent my tour pass contact another message! Her name is Sasha and she works with a company called pop2life and to the best of my knowledge they take care of winners and other aspects of prizes and contests.

First of let me say how wonderful Sasha from pop2life has been! She has been really nice to me and I know she has been working hard to get an answer for me!