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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kings of Leon new Concert & songs 2013

Kings Of Leon have been confirmed as the second headliner for Optimus Alive in Portugal next year. They have also said they are working on a new album for 2013. Also going to be playing at Optimus Alive will be Depeche Mode. They will headline the day before Kings of Leon on July 13.

Optimus Alive is held in Oeiras, Portugal and this year saw acts such as The Cure, Radiohead, The Stone Roses, Florence & The Machine and Justice. The Festival runs July 12-14 and tickets are about 97 Euro or about $125.00 dollars for a weekend pass with camping. This sounds like a lot of fun seeing how we weren't able to make it to any festivals this year. 

With the news of KOL playing these festivals we can only assume that they will be touring in the US next year. Our prediction is that KOL will do a few shows, spread out across the country in the spring or early summer and follow up with a full blown tour next summer. We look forward to seeing more than one...if our predictions come true! Last summer they did exactly what we predicted here but do to some throat issues with singer Caleb Followill, they cut their U.S. tour short .Let's hope they don't repeat.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Kings of Leon songs, albums 2013

I think we are all ready for some new music from KOL and if all the rumors are true, then we will see a new album in 2013!

There is a chance that fans will see a new Kings of Leon album sooner rather than later according to bassist Jared Followill.
"We are in the writing process right now and it's coming along pretty quickly," Followill told BBC News. "We'll definitely get into the studio but we know we have no plans of finishing it this year but definitely early next year, so I think people should expect something from us sooner rather than later.

For now we will all have to keep singing all the great songs of their past albums! I for one am very appreciative to have such a great collection of music from a truly talented band.

 Here is Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) singing with Kings of Leon at Oracle Open World

Saturday, October 20, 2012


This is straight from Audio Ink Radio so big thanks to them!




Alternative rockers Kings of Leon are readying their latest full-length, and it’s coming soon. In fact, the new tunes are on target to arrive next year! Bass player Jared Followill says that the guys are getting ready to enter the studio to start recording their much-anticipated follow-up to their 2010 release, “Come Around Sundown.”
“We are in the writing process right now and it’s coming along pretty quickly,” Followill told BBC 6 Music when asked about new music. “We’ll definitely get into the studio by the end of this year but we have no plans of finishing it this year. But definitely early next year, so I think people should expect something from us sooner rather than later.” This is the first time a band member has given any sort of timeline for the new release, so this surely comes as good news to fans.
In the meantime, Followill is keeping busy with his new side project featuring Mona frontman Nick Brown, Smoke & Jackal. The band recently released their debut EP, called “EP1,” and fans can check out every single track from the release via a stream on the band’s  official website

I for one am ready! We dedicated fans have been very patient and our patients is about to pay off! We are still waiting for your prize and have faith that the boys will come through for us! We were told some good news but I cannot release that news until we are sure it's going to happen! This is nothing about the band, this is good news for our tour pass.
Hopefully we will have the money to see at least one show! But for now we are trying to save for next year. If you want to help, then you can click on an advertisement (if you find one that interests you.  2013 is gonna be a great year...I can just feel it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kings of Leon announced that they will be adding a new album to their already impressive list of great albums!

At the Grammy's, their fourth time being invited, Caleb said that he is writing new material and that they would all be getting together in the next couple of months to get started laying the tracks! They have been on break  since their last tour which ended in Australia . I for one am glad to see them taking a long beak and hope that it will lead to great material for their next album!

As a fan I am a bit disappointed that they have not done anything to ease me and the rest of their U.S. fans since they did cancel the whole U.S. leg of their tour! But even though they haven't I am still just as much a fan as I was when they were at the top of their game! I guess since My wife and I still have our tour pass that I just want to know whether or not they are going to tour this year. If not then I can start planning a different vacation!

 Part of me, and I mean a very small part of me wants them to wait till 2013 to tour so we can have more time to save since we basically went broke from all the prepaid hotel rooms... that we didn't get to use since there was no  refund for cancellations... no matter what the circumstances! I just wish I hadn't prepaid but in doing so I was able to cut $20 dollars off of each night. This money was suppose to help us pay for all the gas! I actually worked very hard to squeeze every dime we had saved and ended up being able to add three more shows that we originally weren't going to be able to afford! We had all our meals planned out and many of them included Ramon noodles! haha

I guess no one could have foreseen what actually did happen and even though we lost all our savings, I can't hold a grudge towards Caleb or anyone from the band!  Life happens for each of us and if Caleb did need help then he deserves it! No one knows for sure except those close to Caleb and of course Caleb himself Anyone who has a disease such as alcoholism

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Kings of Leon concert 2012 (tickets)

Below, I copied all that I could find on the new Kings of Leon concert in Brazil.  Looks like this will be just one of these types of shows for the boys of KOL. I am wondering if Caleb will be wearing his Levi jacket down there in Brazil where I am sure it will be hot! lol

The earth , the largest Latin American digital media, today announced the date and location for the sixth edition of the Planet Earth Festival in Brazil. The event takes place at the Jockey Club of São Paulo, on October 20. Among the attractions already confirmed include Kings of Leon as headliner of the Main Stage, Gossip and singer Azealia Banks. Will be a total of 15 bands / artists.
The pre-sale tickets for the Planet Earth Festival 2012 will begin next Tuesday, July 3rd, from midnight. The person responsible for marketing the inputs is the Live Pass, which offers 2,200 tickets exclusively for Gold Card cardholders of the Bank of Brazil, until 23:59 on 4 July. The event takes place on October 20, the Jockey Club of São Paulo.
Music fans who do not have the card need not worry. With a load of 30,000 tickets - ten thousand more than in the last two editions, held in the amusement park Playcenter - entries for the general public begin to be sold on July 5, from midnight.
Three different batches of tickets. The first, pre-sale, will have the promotional costs of $ 240 ($ 120 half price) per entry, the second of $ 290 (£ 145 at half price), and 3, R $ 330 ($ 165 half price).

Kings of Leon to Play Planet Earth festival 2012

According to this site Musicaterra.com, KOL will play at the Brazilian Festival on 20 Oct (NOT confirmed by KOL.com yet but Most of the Brazilian Media (MTV, RollingStone etc) are reporting that KOL have indeed been confirmed as headliners at the festival.... still no official confirmation from KOL.com 

So far, this is all the news I have on this, thanks to our fearless leader over at ClosertoKol.com! As soon as it is confirmed I am sure that ClosertoKol will be the first to know and I will pass the news on to you! 

We were really hoping for a U.S. show seeing how we all lost out last year but let's just hope the boys are just warming up for another multi nation tour! But the most important thing now is to put all your efforts into getting us some PLANE TICKETS TO BRAZIL! lol Anyone have a few extra round trip tickets laying around that they don't need? haha

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boy does this make me excited! I am pretty sure that with the inside news that I have that we won't be seeing  KOL live this year but we could have a new album! I am just hoping for either! Maybe a new album would help heal the wounds of our loss!
Video of the new album news

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kings of Leon's 2nd place winners, 'Road to Slane Castle' forgotten


    Well it looks like we will never get our prize from  Kings of Leon , MTV , Superglued , or  Poptolife (the marketing and promotion people who handled the prize distribution)!

    We are the winners of a contest called Road to Slane Castle a contest with the top prize being an all expense paid trip to Ireland to see Kings of Leon play live and a 2nd place prize being a tour pass to all 30 KOL shows here in the U.S., along with other prizes of band equipment!

    After several emails to my contact with poptolife, they just tell me that they are waiting for Kings of Leon to ad another U.S. tour! I am sorry, but these people could have done something for all that we lost due to the tour being cancelled!

    We are a working poor couple, who save very hard for the one thing we both enjoy and that is seeing Kings of Leon in concert!  We realize that they cannot make Kings of Leon ad another tour until the boys are ready but they could at least help us with the cost of all our hotels and other money we spent in anticipation the tour pass!  We pre-paid for 14  hotel rooms (which means no refund) only because we were able to get Candlewood Suites  to give us a $30 dollar a night break on each stay!