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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kings of Leon at Rod Laver Arena ,Melbourne, Vic, Australia on Nov 16, 2011 (setlist, news, video)

Well I can see through all the video's on youtube that this was a crowd that knew all of kol's songs! I told my wife this would be a great show to go to as I have a lot of friends on the internet that live near Melbourne,Australia or are going to the show! This is probably where I would go if I had a chance to go to Australia! I heard from a lot of fans that could not believe this band ever had problems this year as they played like the rock stars they have become, though they do not like to be labeled as such!

 I noticed that all their stage equipment was with them as well and after the few stripped down shows in Canada, that is a great sight to see! I went to google maps to see Rod Layer Arena so I could get a better feel for where the boys from Kings of Leon would be playing and it looked to be a big arena! I also noticed a stadium close to this one that was even bigger! Seeing that stadium made me wonder if Caled and the boys were able to watch a real a real game of football called rugby! Since they love college football and their  Oklahoma Sooners! Maybe they even meet some of the big time players and got to see the huge stadium! Of course they might even have had some of the players watching their show! haha makes ya wonder! They did get this picture! Nathan has said he loves to golf and has been in a contest or two! Jared must have been off somewhere planking!! haha or I guess the new thing now is Tebowing!  What will they think of next?

Tweeted by Nathan: “Handsomeville population 4. Boomer Sooner” | Caleb, Nacho, Nathan and Chris | President’s Cup, Melbourne (17 Nov 11)

Lead singer Caleb Followill admitted he had been quaking in his boots five years ago when the US rock group played the arena, supporting Pearl Jam.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kings of Leon Setlist, video & review for concert at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Hindmarsh Sa, Australia on Nov 11, 2011

I noticed that no one had even written a review of Kings of Leon's 11-11-11 show in Adelaide, South Australia so after talking to a few fans I will do my best! It looks like the boys are back and stronger than ever and Caleb seems to be actually enjoying himself! Most usually he doesn't dance or move around that much but I have noticed though all the fan video's that he has been dancing and bopping around more than ever on stage! Of course most of us die hard fans will take it either way!

Back in October when the boys were in Canada they seemed to have stripped the stage of all the screens and went to a more basic stage presence but now it looks like all 6 video strips are back along with a few full video screens. Maybe they had problems with getting all their equipment to the past shows? They do have to tear down and set up at each show and with someone driving all their equipment to each show there can be troubles with the semi's or road work,etc that could have been the reason for their stripped down shows in Canada! Of course it also could simply be they just wanted to get back to the basic's after their break and did not want to add a lot of stress to an already stressful first few shows after returning! I for one am happy to see their stage back to full glory! (set-list below)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kings of Leon new song 2011,2012

(video below)
    Kings of Leon will be taking a 6 month tour break, after their tour in Australia and it looks like they have already have a new song! You can hear parts of their new song in this video below! I love the raspy sound that only Caleb can produce.

 KOL will finish their Australian tour then take their six month break, which should give them a chance to get into the studio and put some more songs together. I imagine Caleb and the boys have already started writing during their small break! I have always heard that most artists write some of their best songs during hard times in their life. ! Canceling the whole U.S. then having a lot of fans angry at them this year and not to mention all the employees who were working for both Kings of Leon and Band of Horses ,had to be hard on them all! So it is quite possible we could all be in for one of their best albums yet!

My wife and I are still waiting to hear from our contact with MTV over our lost tour pass! I think they are probably waiting on kol to give them their plans. We are sure they will be giving us another tour pass but we already lost so much on the pre-paid hotels that it will be hard for us to save what it will take to go this time around! Plus it will also be hard for me to get pre-paid rooms again which will help because they are a lot cheaper per night! We will just have to wait and find out! Hopefully we will have a lot of visitors to this blog and the people who do visit will see adz they like and click on them which will help us out as we get a little money each time someone does! If you are someone who wants to help out and you can afford to then please use the paypal donate button at the top! We would also like you to leave a message if you do decide to donate so we can thank you!

Here is their new song with more below

I hope that all the Australians enjoy both Kings of Leon and Band of Horses! And I hope that they get to hear Kings of Leon's new song. I know I cannot wait to hear kol's new song and hopefully by the time they get back to the US they will have more than just the one new song! I really do believe that we are all in for a great new album from Kings of Leon and I will waiting for that pre-sale of the new kol album!