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Friday, July 29, 2011

Kings of Leon 2011 summer tour started!

 (Make sure you scrool down to see our twins video with our favorite Band of Horses song off their latest album Infinite Arms!)

Well the shows have started and we are in serious withdraw and in need for our KOL fix! We will not be able to use our tour pass for the first part of the tour due to not having enough gas money! Thanks to the 2 awesome internet friends and fellow fans who helped us out! Actually, their help is why we are able to go to the Indy show, which we were going to cut out, even though it is the closest show to us!

  With the way the shows are set up and us living in Auburn,Indiana, it was back tracking! But the help we received enabled us to add the Indy show! We really are on a very tight budget so the help was a big win for us! Thanks again!

  We will start using our kol tour pass by going to the Detroit show then back home to work the next day! (wanted to go to the Cincinnati show but cannot afford the gas money to add the show)

  Next, we will head out for Chicago on Friday, where we will be able to see the show and then stay at one of my wife's twin daughters home. We will get up in the morning and also get to see our twin daughters and twin grand babies before we head out to Indy for the Saturday night show! I love Indy because every show we have been to rocked because the fans really get into it!! (We have nothing to do in Indiana so when we do... we all go crazy! haha

  After the show we will drive all night towards Kansas where we will be waiting until Monday for the show! We will take in the sights seeing as how neither of us have ever been to Kansas! (Anyone know of anything cool to see in Kansas for free?)

  After the Kansas show we will head out towards Colorado for both Red Rocks shows! We already have tickets for the first nights show because we have been planning and saving for a trip to Colorado for 2 years!

  When we found out that Kings of Leon and Band of Horses (our other fav band) were playing red rocks, I about died! haha  I have always heard that Red Rocks was one of the best, if not the best, venue in the U.S. and I knew we would have to see them there! We could only afford 1 show so winning the tour pass was great timing!

We would love to say we will be following the Followill clan farther but that is where our funds end! It is really great that we have already seen them and get to see them 6 more times this summer, but we would love to end our tour pass in Las Vegas, seeing as the show is on September 3,which is my birthday and we saw them last year on September 3 in Indy with The Black Keys! btw the keys blew us away and we became instant fans! So, if anyone has actually read this and wants to help out,  we would really love to add the show and it would really help out in the making of our Kings of Leon live video! I have been collecting all types of kol video and when the tour is over I am hoping to have the video finished by thanks giving but definitely by Christmas!
  Thanks to all again and make sure you follow the blog because we will be adding videos,reviews,setlist of each show as we go! If you are reading this then I know you are as excited as we are! Leave a comment if you would like to meet at a show!

Happy @followillfriday


Monday, July 4, 2011

driving to the back down south video shoot & up the lane

We really saw some beautiful country scenery when we drove t the set of KOL's bds video shoot! I guess we cannot complain too much about not being able to use the tour pass to see all the shows seeing how we were picked to be extras in the video! We had a great time and look forward to seeing the guys again at Red Rocks on August 31 and september 1. Last year we saw them on sep3 in Indy and that was also my birthday so this year will only be 2 days early! Hope everyone enjoys the footage we took of getting to the beautiful property where the video was taken! The driveway to this place was like 2 miles long and seemed like we were driving up a mountain...well we were actually in the Smokey mountain foothills! haha enjoy