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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kings of Leon announced that they will be adding a new album to their already impressive list of great albums!

At the Grammy's, their fourth time being invited, Caleb said that he is writing new material and that they would all be getting together in the next couple of months to get started laying the tracks! They have been on break  since their last tour which ended in Australia . I for one am glad to see them taking a long beak and hope that it will lead to great material for their next album!

As a fan I am a bit disappointed that they have not done anything to ease me and the rest of their U.S. fans since they did cancel the whole U.S. leg of their tour! But even though they haven't I am still just as much a fan as I was when they were at the top of their game! I guess since My wife and I still have our tour pass that I just want to know whether or not they are going to tour this year. If not then I can start planning a different vacation!

 Part of me, and I mean a very small part of me wants them to wait till 2013 to tour so we can have more time to save since we basically went broke from all the prepaid hotel rooms... that we didn't get to use since there was no  refund for cancellations... no matter what the circumstances! I just wish I hadn't prepaid but in doing so I was able to cut $20 dollars off of each night. This money was suppose to help us pay for all the gas! I actually worked very hard to squeeze every dime we had saved and ended up being able to add three more shows that we originally weren't going to be able to afford! We had all our meals planned out and many of them included Ramon noodles! haha

I guess no one could have foreseen what actually did happen and even though we lost all our savings, I can't hold a grudge towards Caleb or anyone from the band!  Life happens for each of us and if Caleb did need help then he deserves it! No one knows for sure except those close to Caleb and of course Caleb himself Anyone who has a disease such as alcoholism

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