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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kings of Leon have a 'relaxed atmosphere' with new album Mechanical Bull


__________________________ Kings of Leon________________________

                           Recorded in Nashville with producer Angelo Petraglia

_______________________MECHANICAL BULL_______________________

With all the hustle and bustle that I imagine goes with touring and making a 'new album', I was pleased to hear that rockers Kings of Leon had a 'fun and relaxed atmosphere' while making their 2013 album, Mechanical Bull, Set to release on September 24,2013.

They have also released a few singles. I have listened to 'Super Soaker' and 'wait for me.' I think both of these songs are great but I am simply in love with 'wait for me.' The very moment I heard the song play, I was in love with it! And with Super Soaker, I guess you could say it had to "soak in" a little. Now it has turned out to be my jam song. I love to play it as soon as I get off of work because it puts me in a great mood!

I am eagerly waiting for Kings of Leon to announce their US tour which I am betting will be this fall. After all, I think we are owed a tour. lol I think they are refreshed and out there doing what they do best and that is have a good time while rocking for us fans!

 I hope they keep having fun at it and that they don't wear themselves out again. They are not the youth and young manhood of their earlier days. But I do believe they will be here come around sundown, (even if Caleb does branch out and make his country album.) Which I will be buying and enjoying just like I did with Jared's new Album Smoke & Jackal. 



  1. I loved your review on this. Have you seen their new video for "Supersoaker"? I really really like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izzY55ACUQo

  2. Your too kind! It's not hard to write a review on a great band! lol
    Yes, I have seen the "Supersoaker" video and it was exactly what I expected! Not to sound conceited but on their last album, I thought that a lot of the songs had a 50's, diner type of feel to them. I remember, before they released 'Come around Sundown', Caleb (or one of them) saying that they were going in a certain direction and warning others that might follow. Basically the direction was bringing a 50's feel to rock again. I think these guys are genius when they get their heads together! And I think other bands will follow this direction, after they see the huge success that this album is going to have! haha
    I love each and every song and album they have made. Each has it's perfect place in "Their" collection of music!
    What I find funny about myself is that I can predict the biggest hits because they are usually the ones I don't like at first. lol I hated 'sex on fire' when it came out but now look at what it did for them!
    haha Did you take part in the fan video's on instagram? go to http://supersoaker.kingsofleon.com/ and add video's of you and your friends... if it isn't too late? If too late you can still watch the video.
    Thanks again! ps Do you know of kolfanclub on facebook? If not check them out!

  3. What a great article about the album!!! Make sure you check out the video for Supersoaker!!!