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Friday, September 2, 2011

Kings of Leon at Red Rocks 8-31-2011

Well after a long drive (about 24hrs) we finally made it to Denver! The drive here was so amazing as I have never been to Denver so seeing the Mountains as you get closer was such a gift! I was really wanting to see some road runners as I have always heard they were out here but sadly we only saw one and it was on the side of the road and let's just say it won't be running anymore!
   Our first day in Denver we decided to head out to Red Rocks since that was the main reason we had come out here! Driving into Red Rocks was so beautiful but sad at the same time as it reminded me of losing the tour pass to KOL and what a great show would would not be seeing. I decided to not let that keep me down so the first thing I did was park (outside of the hole that you drive through to get to the top of the red rocks amphitheater) and I climbed up a hill and planked on top of a big rock!  -continues below pictures-

So we spent some time enjoying the beauty of Red Rocks, took some funny pics and thought a little more of what it would have been like to see our favorite 2 bands (Kings of Leon and Band of Horses) then we headed back to the hotel to plan our next days adventure.
On the way out though I wanted to get myself a keepsake rock so I pulled over and started to walk into the ditch and was quickly reminded (by a rustling in the tall dead grass and the glimpse of a snake), that I was not in Indiana and that just walking into a ditch here can get you bitten by a poisonous snake which could really ruin your day! Back to the safety of the car I went! haha I hate snakes and I could not agree more with KOL's uncle Cleo more when he said "the only good snake is a dead snake"! My own father has always said the same and thing and I completely agree with both! LOL

Check back tomorrow and I will have pics and video of our trip to Bishops Castle where I also planked on top of the Castle that was built by one man!

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