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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rumor of a Kings of Leon makeup tour

Well we are still waiting on the folks at MTV to let us know what they are going to do if anything for the loss of our King of Leon tour pass! (road to slane castle 2nd place prize we won)  I hope there is money involved but I doubt it!

The fulfillment manger for our prize (Sasha) did send me an email yesterday stating that she just wanted to touch base. Sasha explained how that the people from MTV were reaching out to the band to see what their plans were and that rumor has it that kol is planning a makeup tour in the U.S.! Of course, this is just a rumor at this point!  She also said, they (the band) were going through some internal struggles so who knows what that means! I personally think it will all be ok!  I have a twin brother and we say and do things to each other that would freak most people out! But then the next minute we are laughing and all is ok so I do know how brothers fight and that the people around them can make a whole lot out of nothing!

I hope they do get their troubles worked out and come back refreshed in Canada. The only thing that worries me is that they already have a lot of shows lined up so I don't want them to add the whole US makeup tour too soon and end up in the very same place they are now!

The way Sasha was talking, MTV would give us another tour pass but what they don't realize is that we already spent the money we had saved! We are both working poor people who both are not even working in our fields due to the economy! I used to make 4 times what I make now and our savings was all put into the trip to Colorado, which we would'nt have gone on the trip if not for winning the tour pass! Now we are basically broke and when you get paid what we do it is really hard to save anything! I doubt if we could afford a tour pass even if it were 2 years out.

I really hope they give us some money along with the the tour pass but for some reason I really doubt it. This really hurts because I really wanted this for my wife who never asks for anything! I could'nt even afford to get her a real engagement ring so I bought her a stone ring at the animal rescue zoo that she loves to go to and told her this was just till I could afford a real one! Now, she wears that ring like it is the real one and says she doesn't want a real one now because that is her engagement ring!  She is such a wonderful wife and I AM the luckiest guy in the world!

I just hope if they do another tour and we get another tour pass, that I can afford to take her! I don't ever get to do much for her other than love her and keep a roof over her head, so this would really be nice!

Here are some more pictures of our Colorado trip! We visited Bishop castle which is still being built! Jim Bishop has been building this with rocks and his hard labor for the past 45 years! This is proof of what one man can do with an imagination and hard work! He has no blue prints and he says if he makes a mistake he just calls it art! haha hope you enjoy though I doubt anyone is reading this due to I never see any comments!

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