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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kings of Leon's 2nd place winners, 'Road to Slane Castle' forgotten


    Well it looks like we will never get our prize from  Kings of Leon , MTV , Superglued , or  Poptolife (the marketing and promotion people who handled the prize distribution)!

    We are the winners of a contest called Road to Slane Castle a contest with the top prize being an all expense paid trip to Ireland to see Kings of Leon play live and a 2nd place prize being a tour pass to all 30 KOL shows here in the U.S., along with other prizes of band equipment!

    After several emails to my contact with poptolife, they just tell me that they are waiting for Kings of Leon to ad another U.S. tour! I am sorry, but these people could have done something for all that we lost due to the tour being cancelled!

    We are a working poor couple, who save very hard for the one thing we both enjoy and that is seeing Kings of Leon in concert!  We realize that they cannot make Kings of Leon ad another tour until the boys are ready but they could at least help us with the cost of all our hotels and other money we spent in anticipation the tour pass!  We pre-paid for 14  hotel rooms (which means no refund) only because we were able to get Candlewood Suites  to give us a $30 dollar a night break on each stay!

     We didn't want to let something as special as this go to waste! We even asked if we could give all but 2 of the  shows away but we were told we couldn't give the tour pass to anyone!  We didn't want  the other people in the contest, to think we just wasted a great gift by not going to as many shows as possible! Of course, we also wanted to see as many shows as we could afford!  We cut every corner we could to save for these shows only to end up losing our entire savings!

     I know that two thousand dollars might not be a huge savings to some people (like the boys from KOL seeing as how they actually spent that much on one bottle of wine) but this was everything to us!

    All of this doesn't even take into consideration the money we lost taking off of work! We tried to get put back on the schedule but were not able to so we each lost two paychecks and if it weren't for us having vacation time it would have been three weeks!

    Things like this do not come every day for people like most of us so when it does I think anyone would have done as we did! This was the most excited we had been in a long time! We don't go out to eat or out to the movies as a lot of people do because we simply cannot afford to, so when you lose money that took you 5 years to save it really is a very hard blow! I think we have both been very nice to our contact with poptolife so you would think they would try and do something to help us out!

    I am starting to feel like they are taking advantage of us! Maybe I am wrong but if it were either one of us (in our contacts shoes)  then I know we would be talking to MTV or Kings of Leon to see what kind of help we could provide for a couple of fans, who have lost everything because of them cancelling their tour!

    Maybe I am just upset at the moment but I think anyone would be if they were in our shoes! What do you think? Would you do all you could to help out a couple, if you were in their shoes?

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