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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kings of Leon new song 2011,2012

(video below)
    Kings of Leon will be taking a 6 month tour break, after their tour in Australia and it looks like they have already have a new song! You can hear parts of their new song in this video below! I love the raspy sound that only Caleb can produce.

 KOL will finish their Australian tour then take their six month break, which should give them a chance to get into the studio and put some more songs together. I imagine Caleb and the boys have already started writing during their small break! I have always heard that most artists write some of their best songs during hard times in their life. ! Canceling the whole U.S. then having a lot of fans angry at them this year and not to mention all the employees who were working for both Kings of Leon and Band of Horses ,had to be hard on them all! So it is quite possible we could all be in for one of their best albums yet!

My wife and I are still waiting to hear from our contact with MTV over our lost tour pass! I think they are probably waiting on kol to give them their plans. We are sure they will be giving us another tour pass but we already lost so much on the pre-paid hotels that it will be hard for us to save what it will take to go this time around! Plus it will also be hard for me to get pre-paid rooms again which will help because they are a lot cheaper per night! We will just have to wait and find out! Hopefully we will have a lot of visitors to this blog and the people who do visit will see adz they like and click on them which will help us out as we get a little money each time someone does! If you are someone who wants to help out and you can afford to then please use the paypal donate button at the top! We would also like you to leave a message if you do decide to donate so we can thank you!

Here is their new song with more below

I hope that all the Australians enjoy both Kings of Leon and Band of Horses! And I hope that they get to hear Kings of Leon's new song. I know I cannot wait to hear kol's new song and hopefully by the time they get back to the US they will have more than just the one new song! I really do believe that we are all in for a great new album from Kings of Leon and I will waiting for that pre-sale of the new kol album!

 I am also waiting for their tour mates band of Horses new album as they have been playing a couple of new songs and I cannot wait to here the whole album. I think we are all in for a treat because I have heard a few of Band of Horses new songs and there is one that is especially good! I think it will be their first single off their new album! We will just have to wait and see!


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