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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kings of Leon Setlist, video & review for concert at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Hindmarsh Sa, Australia on Nov 11, 2011

I noticed that no one had even written a review of Kings of Leon's 11-11-11 show in Adelaide, South Australia so after talking to a few fans I will do my best! It looks like the boys are back and stronger than ever and Caleb seems to be actually enjoying himself! Most usually he doesn't dance or move around that much but I have noticed though all the fan video's that he has been dancing and bopping around more than ever on stage! Of course most of us die hard fans will take it either way!

Back in October when the boys were in Canada they seemed to have stripped the stage of all the screens and went to a more basic stage presence but now it looks like all 6 video strips are back along with a few full video screens. Maybe they had problems with getting all their equipment to the past shows? They do have to tear down and set up at each show and with someone driving all their equipment to each show there can be troubles with the semi's or road work,etc that could have been the reason for their stripped down shows in Canada! Of course it also could simply be they just wanted to get back to the basic's after their break and did not want to add a lot of stress to an already stressful first few shows after returning! I for one am happy to see their stage back to full glory! (set-list below)

Here is a video of the show at Adelaide entertainment center  in S. Australia on 11-11-11 what an easy date for fans to remember too! Nov 11, 2011 is a date I would have loved to be at! You can also check out some fan reviews on superglued.com by going here superglued

I did not realize how big the adelaide entertainment center that kol played at was so big but if you want to do a virtual tour then use this link!  I will say one thing...this place looks beautiful and I would love to see it in person one day! Maybe when I am 70 I will be able to see the boys from kol here of course it won't be as special by then! haha here is the link below!
Adelaide entertainment center

Here is the setlist for kings of leon in south Australia on 11-11-11
taper jean girl
four kicks
my party
the immortals
back down south
no money
molly's chambers
be somebody
on call
knocked up
sex on fire

the bucket
use somebody
black thumbnail


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