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Sunday, May 15, 2011

kings of leon Tulsa,OK April,8 2011

We drove 17 hours to get to this show so we were hoping to be blown away! Band of Horses opened and since they are another favorite we were really happy to see them as well!

 Maybe I am being a little hard on them but I really thought they could have stepped it up a little with at least a few more songs! But, if I know the band like I think I do then it probably had nothing to do with them and more so on timing for the show and other things we as fans don't think about!

 I was really happy with the songs they did play and they even did a cover song of a local artist. Band of Horses have really grown a lot as a band in the last few years and if they keep playing like this they will be headlining arenas in no time! Though I will miss seeing them in the smaller more intimate settings!

Then KOL took the stage and let me tell you the people in the stadium went nuts...all but the 4 snobby girls in front of me! Anyways they really surprised me when they opened with 'Radioactive' the first single off of their new album 'Come Around Sundown'! and that got the crowd into a dancing mood!

 Then they broke into one of my favorites which was crawl and the place really went nuts ! The new stage rigging and lights were really something to see and the video strips in the back made for a great visual show as well! Then Caleb told us all he was going to play some stuff they hadn't played in awhile and they road into the evening with songs like 'pistol of fire and mixed it in with songs off their new album and the mix was really great!

 I think they laid the songs out to keep everyone in great spirits and their music was dead on. Then they went back stage for a bit (probably for some more booze haha not that they weren't already drinking on stage) and when the crowd was loud enough they came back out and played 'Closer' and we all went crazy! Matt was playing the guitar with his teeth and the new laser lights danced and did circles right next to Caleb and Matthew,that with the video strips and of course the music made for a real moment that one has to experience in order to understand but it was more than great!

 They played sex on fire and then they closed with an old fans favorite 'Black Thumbnails' and when the music was over I could not even hear my wife screaming at me that someone was behind me and I needed to move! LOL all of us were talking about how loud the BOK venue was but we could hardly hear each other! This was a great show and knowing that Nathan (on drums) wasn't even supposed to play for another month (due to a shoulder injury) made me happy that they even had the show!

Taper Jean Girl
Pistol of Fire
Molly's Chamber
Mi Amigo
The Immortals
No Money
Four Kicks
On Call
Back Down South
Knocked Up
Use Somebody
Sex on Fire
Black Thumbnail


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