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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our unbelievable luck 2011 and the new Kings of Leon video for 'back down south'

I am probably the same as most people when it comes to winning things....it's always someone else!! haha But this year things have turned around for me in a big way! First off I have never been a guy who enters into contests on the internet because I am so skeptical but I decided to enter both of the KOL contests.
When I read that they wanted extras in the 'back down south' video shoot,I decided to enter never thinking I would win a spot! Boy was I wrong! When they sent me the e-mail back, saying I had won a spot in the video shoot I thought it was a joke...boy was I wrong! They didn't give us much notice but things worked out perfect for me because I actually had the next 3 days off from work so we left that night and drove from here in Auburn,IN 8 hours to Bell Buckle, TN and we had the time of our lives! Here is the official video!

Then I entered the #kolcontest on http://superglued.com/ and I decided to do whatever it took to get the points I needed to be number 1 on the points list. Then I realized like we all did that we couldn't get anymore points so there would be about 20 of us in the #1 position! Then I read the rules and realized that I only needed to be in the top 100 in order to have a chance at the grand prize trip to Slane Castle to see KOL! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would win 2nd place (tour pass to all the kol shows in the U.S. for 2011)so when I received the e-mail from Sasha I literally jumped off the couch and jumped around like i was crazy and I found my wife outside on the phone and told her and I think it took a bit for it to sink in for her!
Now I am waiting to see what all the details of the tour pass are and what shows I will actually be able to afford to go to! I forgot to mention that Kings of Leon is my favorite band and they are touring this summer with my other favorite band which is Band of Horses so this was a double win for me! Th only bummer in all of this is that we are poor and it is really going to be hard for us to really use these tickets like they should be used! Part of me wishes that someone who had a little money and the same love for Kings of Leon would have won this instead of me because I know that if they are a KOL fan, then they are probably a really cool person because I have yet to meet a kol fan that wasn't awesome! I don't want this to sound like I am not happy for winning the tour pass because I really am...It's just that I think that if you win something like this you should get on the road and follow the band to almost if not every show they have and the sad fact is we are poor and won't be able to do that! So in a way we won something but won't really be able to use it!
I just wish I was younger, had more money and no job cause that would be great! I don't think work will let me take a KOL sabbatical! haha But if I had the money to pay my bills, gas and food for the summer I would take a leave of absence, borrow my dads camper or R/V and go on the road for the summer like the hippies did when they followed the Grateful Dead! I would have my wife write about our trip because she is really good at writing and I would take video of the whole trip and sell it to the highest bidder! Which gives me an idea! Maybe I will pitch this to the pr company and see what they think! LOL just wishful thinking on my part!
But you never know with the luck I have had it could happen! So if ya know anyone that wants to sponsor us for the trip just let me know!



  1. That is so wonderful you are such an appreciative KOL fan! I would be in the same position if I had won the tour pass...I have traveled far and wide to see them too, have driven hundreds of miles and flown across the country, and it was all so worthwhile, they are my favorite band ever! I hope my little contribution helps...have fun, and I look forward to your future posts!

  2. @Fitgrrl Thank you so very much! What you did proves (what I already new) that kol fans are some of the coolest people around! I cannot wait for the US shows to start so I can write about them and upload more videos of the shows! Thanks again Bobby and Renate