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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our unbelievable luck 2011 and the new Kings of Leon video for 'back down south'

I am probably the same as most people when it comes to winning things....it's always someone else!! haha But this year things have turned around for me in a big way! First off I have never been a guy who enters into contests on the internet because I am so skeptical but I decided to enter both of the KOL contests.
When I read that they wanted extras in the 'back down south' video shoot,I decided to enter never thinking I would win a spot! Boy was I wrong! When they sent me the e-mail back, saying I had won a spot in the video shoot I thought it was a joke...boy was I wrong! They didn't give us much notice but things worked out perfect for me because I actually had the next 3 days off from work so we left that night and drove from here in Auburn,IN 8 hours to Bell Buckle, TN and we had the time of our lives! Here is the official video!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

kings of leon Tulsa,OK April,8 2011

We drove 17 hours to get to this show so we were hoping to be blown away! Band of Horses opened and since they are another favorite we were really happy to see them as well!

 Maybe I am being a little hard on them but I really thought they could have stepped it up a little with at least a few more songs! But, if I know the band like I think I do then it probably had nothing to do with them and more so on timing for the show and other things we as fans don't think about!

 I was really happy with the songs they did play and they even did a cover song of a local artist. Band of Horses have really grown a lot as a band in the last few years and if they keep playing like this they will be headlining arenas in no time! Though I will miss seeing them in the smaller more intimate settings!

Friday, May 13, 2011

kings of leon Austin,TX

I have to say this was a long show and I really think they enjoyed themselves! They started the show with 'the end' off their new album 'come around sundown' which is one of my favorites off of CAS. Then they got real with radioactive and then really brought energy to the FEC with 'crawl'!
Then Caleb said they were going to mix it up and they broke into some great songs off their older albums with a mix in of some new stuff off of CAS. When they played 'Fans' my favorite off of 'because of the times' and I was in rockers heaven! After about song number 14 I figured theywould break into 'use somebody' then go off stage for a bit before coming out and finishing with 'sex on fire' but boy was I wrong! They keep playing other songs! I new they would play those so it really suprised me at how many songs they played before they got to sex on fire! By the end they playe both of the new fan favorites and ended with 'Black Thumbnail'! I really think the crowd was really into it and the band feed off of our energy and the night was great! Sadly it was over before we new it but when you are a fan like me it's just over till the next show! see you all next time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kings of Leon Memphis,TN May 4 2011

Ok so we started our journey from Auburn,IN and drove 15 hours strait through to Tulsa,OK for the show and then after the show we drove from Tulsa strait through to Memphis,Tenn for the next nights show! They were really just as good as the night before but it was not as loud as the BOK center was in Tulsa! We had side seats in Tulsa so we couldn't see the lights as well but in Memphis we were in the middle so the new stage rigging with the lights was a huge plus in my books! They are really coming into the whole rock stardom thing and I am loving the ride along with them! If you haven't seen them live then you are really missing out on the days best live act! I think most bands are their best in the beginning so don't miss out on seeing them at their best! (setlist below)

Kings of Leon Noblesville,IN sep 3, 2010

This show had 2 opening acts. The whigs opened up with their down home sound and did a great job but when 'The Black Keys' took the stage they commanded the audience and every single person could not help but keep their eyes on what Dan Auerbach was doing on stage!

 Along with Patrick Carney they both really got everyoe into that great mood to have one hell of a night!

Then the boys of KOL took the stage and I think they saw the level that the keys had brought the crowd to and I don't think they wanted to lose our energy so they showed us all why we were there to see them!

 Caleb turned it all to new heights with his raspy voice and Matthew with his amazing guitar skills along with the rest of the brothers made this concert my all-time favorite of kol's and all around best one of my life! I cannot put to words the energy in that amphitheater and they keep that energy up even after a few slow down drops into songs like 'Milk', we all were amazed at the great time we had that night! That night is the reason I ended up getting tickets to the Tulsa,OK show that was a 15 hour drive!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kings of Leon Noblesville,IN sep 25,2009

This was one great show! Although it was raining the place was packed and everyone was really rocking to the great sounds of kol! Caleb said he was tired of playing in places where people just sat on their smug asses and tha he would play here any day! Then he said "I'm getting drunk"! They played all the songs off of 'only by the night' and a lot of their stuff off of 'because of the times' album. Their lighting made the whole show come together and I can still see the shots of light shooting through the air while they played  'Knocked Up'. they also played my fav. which is 'fans' and that set the rest of the night for me! As always they played a great show and I think it was one of the longer shows I've been to!

kolfanclub video shoot

When I won the contest to be an extra in the Kings of Leon video for 'Back Down South' I really did not think it would be like it turned out to be! When me and my wife arrived at the address we were given it was a long lane that went strait up, like we were driving to the top of a mountain! Then, at the top, the lane curved around and there were ponds, oak fencing and goats out eating in the beautiful green pastures! I thought we had reached heaven! Then after a long drive that went winding around what felt like a clearing on top of a mountain we arrived at a few buildings with about 50 people standing around! Then behind us there was a limo and the kol tour bus and our hearts skipped a beat!
    Then we parked and got out of the car and signed in. Then Caleb came walking toward us and we all had our eyes on him! He passed us and went on down the lane to where they were shooting the video! The crew of the production company told us we were all getting Kodak video/cameras and that we were going to get to keep them and they wanted us all to film and take pictures. They wanted to take a few of our sim cards at the end of the night and copy them so they could add them into the second video which would be the making of back down south video!